Rock Trading Inc

Who We Are

Rock Trading Inc is an independent investment management firm based in Japan. Our goal has been the same since the company’s inception: To focus exclusively on growing and preserving the wealth of our clients, be they high net worth investors, families, business owners or private foundations. Our formula for success is simple: we believe in staying the course for the long term and when necessary making unpopular decisions that we foresee resulting in great returns.

Over the years our client base has grown steadily and we now manage assets of over $1.5 billion. The majority of our growth has been achieved from referrals, both from existing clients and associated professionals, primarily lawyers and tax specialists. We appreciate the trust and confidence this reflects and are proud of our team, who strive each and every day to exceed expectations.

What We Do

We screen hundreds of companies annually to separate the wheat from the chaff. Those that meet our investment criteria go through in-depth and rigorous analysis,

generating a fine-tuned list of investment recommendations. Every portfolio that we construct is dependent on the objectives, investment needs and life circumstances specific to a particular client. In keeping with our baseline philosophy of long-term growth, we invest primarily in good quality equities, including income generating assets as appropriate. We look for opportunities globally and include alternative investments, IPOs and private equity in our screening process. As a general rule we do not recommend mutual funds, since they are costly and redundant in a properly diversified portfolio.

Our advisors take a personal approach with every client. While we strongly recommend that you stick with our recommendations, we make every effort to take your personal values and beliefs into consideration and we can exclude any type of company or sector that is not in line with who you are as a person. Your portfolio will be tailored to reflect your values as well as your risk tolerance, liquidity needs and time horizon. Our ultimate goal is to provide each and every client with financial security, and as such we stay focused on long term results over short term market swings.

What We Offer

Our clients entrust us with a variety of types of investment accounts, including personal accounts, foundations, trusts and corporate accounts. We manage assets for families with multiple types of accounts and across several generations. In instances like this, we offer the option of managing each account separately or managing them as a single entity, which many clients find to be more efficient. We take great pride in offering our clients the highest level of personal service and endeavor to be as flexible as possible. Whether this means working with your accountant on your behalf, or being able to access emergency funds on short notice, we aim to accommodate all your needs. No matter how complex your investment situation, we will find solutions.

Regardless of how one’s family of accounts are best managed, each individual account is segregated, and invested according to the stated investment objectives.

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