RIO Group

Attempting to invest in Japanese realty often leaves foreign investors facing a number of hurdles that prove challenging to overcome.
We at RIO utilize our one-stop service to help foreign investors overcome these hurdles, making investing in Japan a less stressful and worthwhile investment choice.
What is our one-stop service you may ask? We use our lineup of various specialists, including lawyers, tax accountants, certified public accountants, judicial scriveners, real estate appraisers, and first-class architects to respond to the various issues faced when investing in Japan, including Japan’s complex tax, legal, and finance systems, as well as the acquisition, operation, and management of real estate.
This convenient, speedy, and highly cost-effective one-stop service is available for all foreign investors.

A particular hurdle worth mentioning is the time it takes for information concerning Japan’s real estate market to be disclosed, which may be slower compared to other countries.
We strive to precisely disclose information, including risks, and resolve issues for our clients, in order to maximize the value of profit-earning real estate.
We hope that you will select us as your partner so that we can assist you in investing in Japan.